FL14 - Folklore: Demons & Dark Artifacts

FL14 - Folklore: Demons & Dark Artifacts

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Thank you for your interest in FL14 - Demons & Dark Artifacts product from the 1st printing.

Sadly, this product has been discontinued as it was a crossover promotional item not meant for reprinting (The Shadowlord is originally from the Middara board game IP).

In the 2nd printing, the Heirlooms and Dark artifact card decks and Shadowlord affliction card were incorporated into the Dark Tales 2E box set, while the Shadowlord miniature was added to the Miniature Box Set 2E. Lastly the Shadowlords story, “Flames from Beneath”
was printed in the Adventure Creature Kit, Nightmare Tales story journal III.

Because we have no plans to reprint this item, and purchasing the above listed products may be counterintuitive if you already own the 1st edition versions, we are making the assets from FL14 available for print and play if you so wish to incorporate them into your

Heirlooms are cards you start your campaign with as a special unique character boon, while the Dark Artifacts add non story artifacts available to find when various stories instruct you to draw a random artifact. The Flames from Beneath is a Nightmare difficulty, stand
alone story for veteran players to attempt to complete.

Thanks for all your support of Folklore!