FL60 - Folklore: Equipment Pack (Remastered)

FL60 - Folklore: Equipment Pack (Remastered)

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The way before you is treacherous, and there is no end in sight. You’d be a fool to think you could last more than a day on the road without your Equipment Pack. Inside this box is a set of adventuring gear specifically crafted for you; contains 103 keyword specific Items & Companions for Folklore: The Affliction, tailored for someone with your unique skills. Tread carefully, friend.

*This is a reprint of the original FL39 - Equipment pack with the 7 missing cards from it’s first printing being included this time around. 

**This pack does not contain any equipment cards for FL50 - fall of the spire characters. Those are included within the Fall of the Spire Box set.


104 mini cards: (1) Rule card | (101) Equipment cards | (2) Companions