GS09 - Grimslingers: Character Card Pack

GS09 - Grimslingers: Character Card Pack

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Adds Red & Henrietta to the Grimslingers Northern Territory Campaign of playable characters. *Requires Grimslingers Core Game and Northern Territory(Expansion) to play.


  Red can be a bit tricky to play, as he has a number of different ability combinations that work well together. His resource mechanic is two-fold, and you’ll need to manage both your prowess bar and your item usage throughout the game to unlock Red’s full, explosive potential. And, of course, you’ll need to master your adorable facade to further your plans of subterfuge and trickery! Red begins the Versus duel with 3 points of Prowess to spend on his character skill cards. Likewise, Red starts each co-op campaign session with 3 Prowess. During the co-op campaign, Red’s gains/losses of Prowess persist throughout that session (including between fights, as opposed to resetting each duel like the Versus mode). When you clean up a session, Red’s prowess will start fresh at 3 the next time you play. There are two ways to gain prowess:
  • Your Conspire ability (printed on your tracker card). During the Standoff phase, Red may use one of his two Standoff actions to generate 2 Prowess.
  • Anytime you would gain EP (like, activating your WATER spell for instance, or using items) you may instead convert that fresh EP to Prowess at a 1:1 ratio.
Note that the red and blue sides are mechanically identical, just there for your enjoyment :)
Note that the red and blue sides are mechanically identical, just there for your enjoyment :)
  Red’s character abilities are a veritable treasure trove of nasty tricks. When selecting your skills, it's important to keep in mind how much Prowess you’ll be burning through, and not just select your most expensive powers. Similarly, Red has a large number of abilities that are utilized in the Standoff phase - you’ll want to get a healthy balance of these cards and your standard abilities so as not to clog up your turns. One of Red’s signature techniques is crafting traps - two unique skills that utilize either an elemental spell or a item card in order to lay a secret snare for your opponent. While these abilities do eat up your other cards, they are played during the Standoff phase - which frees up the rest of your turn to play other offensive cards.
  Arguably Red’s most defining ability is the Trash Panda card. Trash Panda is a passive skill that sits in front of you, drastically altering your relationship with items. Red already has a number of skill cards that make activating items more effective, and with this card he has a way of utilizing leftover junk instead of throwing it away. When Trash Panda is in front of you, any item you would discard becomes a piece of “scrap” for you to craft with later. On the back of the Trash Panda card is a list of recipes for bombs you can build with your scrap items and throw in your opponent's face!
  Last but not least, we’ve got to give a shout out to our favorite card in Red’s arsenal, Uber Dexterous, which allows Red to unleash a huge burst of power and ruin someone’s day with a double turn. Combo this with a trap or two, and your opponents will be bombarded by an onslaught of adorable attacks! :)


  Unlike her furry companion, this foul, fowl witch is deceptively simple to play. Her complexity is not so much in the individual abilities, but how you chain them together to get the best of your opponent. Veterans of the Grimslinger core game may recognize some elements of the original archetype abilities present in Henrietta’s playstyle. It's important to note that when you are playing as Henrietta, you are using the “witchcraft” skill set - Henrietta is A witch, but there are many others in the Grimslinger universe. Players are free to sub in other portrait cards for their character if they wish, as none of her powers are specific to being a chicken. Being a chicken is just part of her charismatic self. Henrietta’s special resource mechanic is arcana, which starts at 0 for every Versus Duel/Co-op campaign session. Like Red, Henrietta has three ways of gaining arcana:
  • Any time you would gain EP, you can instead gain that much arcana.
  • Once per Standoff phase you can use one of your two Standoff actions to Ether draw - flipping your tracker card over and gaining a variable amount of arcana dependant on your current HP. The lower her HP, the easier it is for Henrietta to tap into the ether forces and surge herself with power.
  • One of her ability cards, Spellpuku, allows you to discard cards in exchange for a big burst of arcana.
  This lil’ witch has a number of sneaky tricks in her arsenal that multiply her spell power or allow you to get the jump on your opponents. Premonition, for example, lets you peek at what your opponent is going to play, and drop the perfect spell to counter them. Conversely, Twincantation puts all your eggs in one basket, enabling a single spell to resolve twice. Utilizing items or signature spells that boost the power of your next card in conjunction with Twincantation can really wreck someone’s day.
  One of the more prolific magical feats in the Forgotten West is the transfiguration of a witch into a crowmage. Now some folks might find it strange, a chicken turning into a crow, but I assure you it is common practice ‘round these parts. When Henrietta (or any witch, for that matter) assumes their crow form, it empowers their next spell. This can be pretty brutal with the aforementioned Twincantation, and has the added benefit of costing EP as opposed to your often in-demand arcana.
  There are a lot of solid ability builds for both of these animal ‘slingers. It's pretty hard to go wrong with either. We’re really looking forward to seeing what combos you guys come up with and can’t wait to hear your tales from the fray.